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JJ Jeyappragash

Jeyappragash previously built the team and lead the technical roadmap for Twitter's Cloud Infrastructure Management Platform. This platform helps developers manage their services and provides detailed visibility to the infrastructure and the services that use the infrastructures. Prior to this he was a Distinguished Engineer at Motorola (then Google Company), leading efforts to build their Notification Infrastructure, their Software Upgrade services and a Prospective Search based Content Delivery Service and built a true hybrid infrastructure while migrating these services to Google cloud. Jeyappragash graduated from IIT Madras with a Masters in EE. He holds 5 patents in cloud infrastructure and distributed systems space.

Jeyappragash之前建立了团队并领导Twitter的云基础架构管理平台的技术路线图。该平台可帮助开发人员管理其服务,并提供对基础架构和使用基础架构的服务的详细可见性。在此之前,他曾是摩托罗拉(当时的谷歌公司)的杰出工程师,负责建立他们的通知基础设施,他们的软件升级服务和基于预期搜索的内容交付服务,并在将这些服务迁移到谷歌云时构建真正的混合基础设施。 Jeyappragash毕业于IIT Madras,获得EE硕士学位。他拥有云基础设施和分布式系统领域的5项专利。